NDT in Canada 2009 Conference and the 6th International Workshop for Advances in Signal Processing for NDE of Materials

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The NDT in Canada 2009 Conference, held in conjunction with the 6th. International Workshop for Signal Processing for NDE of Materials was a resounding success! Over 100 people from Canada and around the world converged on the Ivey Spencer Learning Center in London Ontario from August 24 – 27, 2009 to learn about the latest and greatest technology, research and other developments concerning nondestructive testing, inspection and evaluation.

The Monday evening mix ‘n mingle reception got the event off to a great start as it introduced the crowd to the 17 companies in the Exhibitors area. The gourmet appetizers served by the Ivey Spencer chefs were thoroughly enjoyed, whetting appetites for the meals yet to come.

Conference Chair Dr. John Baron introduced the conference keynote speaker, Dr. Eric Sjerve, who set the tone for everyone Tuesday morning as he discussed “The Evolution of NDT”, commenting that “Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a discipline that is used to detect the presence of discontinuities in components, with the end goal of determining their fitness for service.  This has primarily been done using the five basic Canadian General Standards Board NDT methods: radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant testing and eddy current testing.  This NDT structure has been in place for many years providing quality assurance across many industries. Currently, this structure is in a state of flux as new NDT technologies and ideas about quality assurance are entering into the NDT field.  This process is being driven by the introduction of computerized systems, by new physical concepts that are being used to detect degradation and by novel ways of providing quality assurance.  The result is that the process of delivering NDT products is rapidly changing.”

This was followed by 2 ½ days of technical presentations and workshops that were well attended and received.

Thirty seven authors provided presentations on diverse topics such as Wavelet Signal Processing, Pulsed Thermography, POD Qualification, Finite Element Modeling of Transient Eddy Currents, Phased Array Focusing of UT Guided Waves and NDE Performance Demonstration.

All of the authors and presenters are to be congratulated and thanked one more time for making the extra effort to contribute to the conference program. Many of the papers that were presented will be published in upcoming issues of the CINDE Journal, and it is hoped this entices people to respond to the Call for Papers for the next conference.

The banquet dinner on Wednesday evening highlighted the recipients of Fellowship and Technical Achievement awards, and the W.E. Havercroft Award that are sponsored by the Canadian Institute for NDE. Fellowship awards were presented to David Craig (Pratt & Whitney), Peter Ciorau (Ontario Power Generation) and Dennis Domenichini (Domson Engineering). After also receiving the Technical Achievement award, Peter Ciorau took the opportunity to applaud the students present for pursuing a career in NDT, and to provide enthusiastic encouragement for everyone to foster a strong and vibrant NDT community in Canada. The W.E Havercroft award was presented to Dent McIntyre in recognition of his contributions to NDT throughout his 42 year career.

Greetings and a warm welcome were delivered in a note from Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best of the City of London. The Honourable MP Lisa Raitt, who as Minister of Natural Resources is responsible for Canada’s NDT certification agency, also provided her note of congratulations to the award winners and her personal encouragement for everyone to pursue and promote Canada’s efforts in the research and application of NDT technology and workforce development.

The Universite Laval provided an award for the best paper authored for the 6th.International Workshop for Advances in Signal Processing for NDE of Materials. It went to Walter Weber of UTEX Scientific Instruments Inc. for his paper entitled “Wide Dynamic Range Acquisition for Ultrasonic Signals”.

The conference closing ceremony at noon Thursday allowed some people to take a prize home along with their new knowledge, and one lucky individual won the Grand Prize of a laptop computer! The preliminary prize winners were Erick Pelletier from Meconov Inc., Eman Ibrahim from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and Randy Faulds from Equipment Integrity Inspection Services.

The winner of the conference grand prize was Lanny Hofmeister of BMT Fleet Technology Ltd. who took home an HP laptop loaded with software and accessorized with a laptop knapsack and cooling pad.

The conference organizers received a lot of positive feedback about the Ivey Spencer venue, along with suggestions and ideas for what people would like to learn or do the next time.

In closing, the Conference Chair John Baron reminded everyone that “The NDT in Canada Conference is slated to be an event held at locations across Canada. As Canada's NDT conference, it will provide an ongoing forum for discussion and learning about subjects that are of vital importance and concern to our profession. Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.”

A keen sense of anticipation was in the air for another conference, so please visit the 2010 Call for Papers.



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