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First Keynote Announced:
Dr. Eric Sjerve
Coordinator SPRINT Robotics North America

Eric Sjerve Keynote NDT in Canada 2018Eric Sjerve joined Western Canada’s petrochemical industry 20 years ago and currently serves as Chief Technology Officer for IRISNDT. Eric’s drive and passion for the commercialization of NDT has led to the growth of services and product offerings for the industry and IRISNDT’s clients.

Eric received a Ph.D. in Applied Laser Physics from the University of Toronto (1996) and a B.Sc. in Physics from the University of British Columbia (1990). He is certified RT level 2, UT level 2, Guided Wave level 1, and Digital Radiography level 3, and his focus has been working on practically-oriented technique development for field usage in a variety of different NDT methods. More recently, his work has centered on integrating engineering and robotics into meaningful field applications.

Eric is currently the IIW Commission V Chairman for the NDT and Quality Assurance of Welded Products. His IIW work has been focused on the publication of IIW Handbooks on Automated Ultrasonic Testing, Austenitic Weld inspection and Phased Array, ISO standardization of inspection techniques and more recently NDT applied to additive manufacturing. 

In his keynote presentation, Dr. Eric Sjerve will discuss the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative. Founded in January 2015, the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative is a not-for-profit, industry-driven foundation that promotes the development, availability, application and commercialization of robotic techniques in technical inspections and maintenance of capital intensive infrastructure.

Learn about the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative here.



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